Fatty Acids

Adapting Latest Technologies

  • High Pressure Fat Splitting Plant.
  • Fatty Acid Fractionation Plant
  • Sweet Water Evaporation Plant
  • Fully Automated & Centralised Control System
  • Proven Technologies of Gianazza, Sulzer and CMB
  • Equipped with Facilities/ Plants to Process Different Oils at a time

Plant Control through DeltaV Distributed Control System

  • Supplied by Emerson Process Management.
  • Advanced Diagnostics & Process Performance Monitoring
  • Remote Calibration and Diagnostics of Field Instruments
  • Uses latest Foundation Fieldbus & HART Field Instruments

Computerised Plant Control PC

Fractionation Column Screen

High Pressure Splitting Column

Fatty Acid Splitting Plant

Fatty Acid Fractionation Plant
Closeup View - Column

Fatty Acid Splitting Plant
High Pressure Pump